I am Cephora, I am a Crystal Consultant, founder of  Luxury Quartz. I have helped thousands of people find the right stones. I will help you find the perfect stones with my 2-step process.

​​Transform Your Life By Getting The Exact Stones In Your Living Space or Your Business.

No matter what you wish to shift or create. It all start with a first connection. A complementary 30 min 

  • To answer your questions 

  • To understand how stones can help you or your business

  • Our Process explained

  • Next steps

> After you chose to work with me to bring magnificent important stones into your life.  


We will send you a consulting agreement for your signature, I'll send you a little bit of homework, i.e a few questions to think about before the 1st visit of your space


To maximize success, it is very important that we get together physically if possible or via Skype or Zoom to really connect.

Our time together will take you an in-depth process that will require your undivided attention for 2-3 hours, maybe more.

You and I will talk. I will guide you to obtain profound clarity on: 

  • Your deep intentions and goals

  • What do you really want?

  • How is stress impacting you and your relationship?

  • We can meet your family briefly if you wish

  • How is your spiritual practice?

Then, once we are 100% clear, we will move on to the important element of your space. 

  • You will take me on a live tour of your space

  • You will show me where you envision the stones

  • Spatial arrangement [stairs etc.]

  • We will talk shape, size and benefits of the stones. 

By the end of our time together, I will share with you my preliminary intuitive feeling on the best stone or stones. 

Within a short amount of time, I will send you:

3. Sourcing Proposal ~ The Blueprint.

1. A detailed Proposal with

3 possible scenarios of stones and different price points. 

Note: I will not have found your stones just yet so the prices will be a approximate or range.

2. My Intuitive recommendation for 

for the best stone or stones

the most powerful scenario to work on your goals

3. Your Energetic Mapping recommendation

recommended placement of where the stones should best be placed to best support you energetically

4. A Guide practices and tools  

to ground, meditate or manifest

5. A step by step Plan

to prepare yourself and the space to receive the stones



CONSULTING FEE only - No sourcing: ASK ME

Hire me  to do what I do best... Source the exact stones for your goals!

We are the only ones doing what what we do!

SOURCING / PROCUREMENT: Going to the source, beginning, the place of origin to find what you really want.

Procuring: to obtain or get by care, effort, or the use of special means 

Once we are in agreement and your budget is settled... I'll be dedicated to source the exact stones for you.

To find the best possible stones that matches your personality and support your intentions, I will:

  • Travel to select suppliers of choice

  • Propose you stones based on your intentions, esthetics, space and budget. Through visual communications.

  • Negotiate the best prices on your behalf

  • Advise, recommend

  • Help you choose but the decision is yours!                         

  • Organize handling & shipping

What is not included:

  • Costs of the stones 

  • Costs for careful handling and shipping

  • Costs for delivery and handling upon arrival.

  • Extensive travel. TBD.


CONSULTING + SOURCING FEES: It's impossible to tell before connecting with you.

SCHEDULE YOUR DISCOVERY CALL to discuss your goals and intentions. You'll learn alot.

"When I first met with Cephora, I was not a "Crystal Person" and hired her to select beautiful Crystals for my home that would be more for a visual benefit.

Somehow Cephora knew what I needed on an energy level even if this was never my priority. I surprisingly felt the difference immediately. I now have crystals as centerpieces in my home that are visually beautiful and transforming my life daily." Tamara J, Colorado, Oct 2016

More testimonials

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Important note: Luxury Quartz is not a wholesaler nor a crystal store. We do not have an inventory to sell you. We independently partner with select miners and importers to find you the exact stones. We work for you.