Tucson, Arizona hosts the Giant of all Gem Shows, the largest of its kind in the universe!

January 27 - February 12 2017

3956 vendors in 44 Shows with gems, minerals, fossils, beads, and jewelry!

Every year for about 2.5 weeks in January and February — the rock, gem, mineral and jewelry worlds cosmically align in Tucson. Researchers, gemologists, authors, artists, miners and nearly 4,000 trade companies gather here from every continent to share their treasures, knowledge and expertise with the show’s tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of attendees.

Every type of polished and rough rock and fossil specimen and every kind of faceted jewel that you can imagine is being peddled everywhere — on sidewalks or in sophisticated exhibits brought in by the world’s finest museums and collectors.

Earth’s gem and mineral riches are on display at over 40 venues unfurled all over town, for sale in huge circus tents, expo halls, hotels, warehouses, and in the city’s fine Convention Center. Public shows, Beads shows, Wholesaler only shows. All of the shows are free except the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show® held at the Convention Center.

Find info here about the shows.

It's exciting, it can be overwhelming! How do you find your stones among 4000 vendors? 


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January 27 February 12 Call: 720-900-1118

Large Heading

The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show™ is held at Tucson Convention Center Exhibition Hall and Arena always on the 2nd full weekend of February. This show sets the gold & silver standard for the year and showcases the most supreme specimens from around the planet. This is a retail show, great for learning and/or if you are looking for very high quality hard to find specimens.

DENVER September 6-17 2017

DENVER 12 gem, mineral, fossil, bead, and jewelry shows

For ten days ten separate shows feature over 900 vendors and exhibitors, each displaying and selling their gems, minerals, jewelry, and lapidary tools and supplies. For world-class mineral specimens don’t miss the three-year-old Denver Fine Mineral Show at the Denver West Marriott, the longstanding prestigious Colorado Mineral & Fossil Show (CMFS), the Denver Gem & Mineral Show (known as “The Main Show”) at the Denver Mart, or the Denver Coliseum Show (DCS). And you can always find a hidden gem or mineral treasure at the Denver Expo at the National Western Complex, the Jewelry, Gem & Mineral (JG&M) Expo, the Colorado Independent Warehouse Show in Lakewood, or the Miners Co-op in the DCS parking lot. For fossils, Oh my!, between CMFS and DCS, Denver hosts one of the highest concentration of fossil dealers and dinosaurs found anywhere in the world. Jewelry and bead lovers’ shows are the International Gem & Jewelry Show and Bead Renaissance, both at the Mart. More

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Important note: Luxury Quartz is not a wholesaler nor a crystal store. We do not have an inventory to sell you. We independently partner with select miners and importers to find you the exact stones. We work for you.