crystals shift energy positively - What people say:

"Cephora is very knowledgable, sensitive while down to earth and very practical; she can see the stones, the people, the situations and knows what needs to be where and how to orchestrate these great unions!

A few years ago while holding a workshop in Cephora’s glorious crystal church, I was drawn to a very special crystal amongst the many thousands in the shop, which has now become the famous POD CRYSTAL and the central energetic magnifier of my spiritual ceremonies. Cephora provided the fascinating history as far as known of the magnificent piece. A powerful union was cemented between the crystal and me and also between Cephora and me!

My piece of the POD is used in my energetic ceremonies to empower people, to crown them and amplify the cosmic connection to our star ancestors and to deepen our relationship with Mother Earth.

I see this ability in Cephora as well. She is able to help people find the best crystal guide, the best stone friend and to expands one’s abilities and true life purpose.

Since then Cephora and I have travelled to Arkansas to teach and dig for crystals, to California to Joshua Tree to interview people, and held workshops together on crystal healing and spiritual expansion".

Rev. Suzy Meszoly, DSH, CHHC, RMT.

Founder and director, The Art of Energetic Healing School, NY

In my journey towards healing/learning using crystals, the path led me to Cephora at Luxury QuARTz. What happened next was pure kismet! A phone call later, Cephora intuitively helped me identify the exact crystal teacher I sought. She transmuted my ramblings into reality with the presentation of the most magical crystal companions. Cephora is the perfect partner in your search for a sublime crystal. With peace and joy,


Diane P. AZ March 2017

"I met Cephora only by phone.   During our conversation she was able to understand at a deep level what I was looking for (physically) and what I was missing in my grounding spiritual practice.  Cephora pinpointed a beautiful solid Tiger Iron Slab AND she gifted me this incredible little crystal egg.    These gifts came at perfect time in my life.  My business is growing and being grounded is extremely important.  I look forward to  Cephora’s next purchase for my collection.  I trust her intuition 100%.”

Holly Strelzik, CT, March 2017

My experience with Luxury Quartz was a positive one. Initially,Cephora and I talked via phone so that she would have a good understanding of what I might like and what would serve me. She wanted me to love the piece she chose for me. To that end, she sent numerous pictures of possible options that I was able to comment on, narrowing the choices and increasing her knowledge what appealed to me. Her input helped me to select a special healing crystal that I will cherish for years to come.


Sue B. from Oregon March 2017

"Cephora, you are open, honest and trusting, a courageous and feminine inspiration.

Since we met it's been easy to talk to you openly about anything.  You are a great listener and ask questions and genuinely care and support me.  You are open to share your life experiences and we were able to find so much in common very quickly because of your ease in showing your authentic self.  Your inner beauty shines and its inspiring me to keep focus, even in the face of fear, and I am blessed to witness your unfolding path.

Thanks for your friendship beautiful crystal. xo," 

Lindy U.A  Ontario, Canada, Nov 2015

"Cephora, Thank you for your supportive and positive nature. You are an amazing listener and give advise that needs to be heard not what I want to hear, and you are just a genuine person.

I believe just by being the amazing loving person you are, you generally care about other people and change their lives". 
Christine M, New York Nov 2015

"When I found out I had cancer tumors in my body, my spiritual understanding was that there are stagnant energy and old patterns causing the problem. I asked for Cephora's help with finding crystals to support the process. We spoke looking to the root cause, and with the lung in particular it was heart and emotions.

She recommended crystals to support that inner journey but what I valued the most was Cephora's kindness and unexpected support in sending me an ocean jet - as a gift - to help me with post surgery pain.

Allergic to pain medications I got through the post surgery for both operations on only tylenol - using 2 amazingly powerful stones ocean jet and shungite. 

Cephora's compassion, kindness, connection, knowledge of crystals and people are amazing and of course - generosity..".

Vicky, NY 2015

"When I first met with Cephora, I was not a "Crystal Person" and hired her to select beautiful Crystals for my home that would be more for a visual benefit.

Somehow Cephora knew what I needed on an energy level even if this was never my priority. I surprisingly felt the difference immediately. I now have crystals as centerpieces in my home that are visually beautiful and transforming my life daily."  Tamara J, Colorado, Oct 2016

"For 10 years I was literally going in circles in my romantic relationships. 2 weeks after a consultation with Cephora I met the man of my dreams and have been happily married for 5 years. I now keep those crystals with my wedding photo.

I have recommended Cephora to many friends and all had a great experiences. I highly recommend her."
Sophie L,  Nov 2016

"My fiancé and I asked Cephora to source the perfect Crystal for our new home that we purchased. We were looking specifically for a smoky quartz that would sit high up in the window of our grand foyer. We had given her a budget and described to her the energy that we were looking for.

We wanted a beautiful Earth stone that would bring a grounding and protective energy to our home as well as the ability to illuminate and magnify all positive vibrations.

Cephora took her time and found the most amazing piece for us.

It was such an easy and seamless process. We could have never done that on our own ! 

She is an expert in the quality of stones, their healing properties, as well as the feng shui we sought to capture.

We are blessed to have what we call "Emelias Heart," in our entryway. The stone has sat under many full moons and has radiated her peaceful energy throughout our home."

Jenni D, Sept 2015

"My experience with Cephora has been amazing. She has a great ability to seek out exactly what crystal is needed for any situation that needs attention.

I have seen an instant shift in energy each time working with her."

Joy D Sept 2016

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Important note: Luxury Quartz is not a wholesaler nor a crystal store. We do not have an inventory to sell you. We independently partner with select miners and importers to find you the exact stones. We work for you.