Power, Superheroes & Love

November 20, 2016


POWER! Just thinking of it or saying it out loud makes me tingle! As children, power was fun and fascinating. The power of magic, the power to fly, be invisible, invincible and able power to defy physics. We adored our superheroes, imagined ourselves like them so super power-full.


As adults the concept of power has shifted a bit, hasn’t it?

Power is not fun anymore. It seems to be a thing attributed to job titles, wealth, the rich and powerful, lawyers, politicians or world leaders.

Wanting to be powerful is often judged negatively and associated with corruption and greed. But there 2 sides to everything.

We’ve also been taught to be afraid of being powerful. An old saying goes something like this: is it scarier to fail, or to succeed? For many, success seems to be more frightening. Perhaps as told to Peter Parker, aka Spiderman, “with great power comes great responsibility”. Maybe this is why it is overwhelming to many. The majority of people doesn't always own their power; women in particular are less likely to feel the strength to step into highly influential role; thankfully this seems to be changing.

Now, we also have "power" in the spiritual sense: The power to bring about change, the power to love, to heal and the power to move and shake the world.

The spiritually minded look for the powerful in spiritual connections with god, angels, fairies, gods, cards, chants or energetic crystals! It is a curious thing that one person would sense a specific crystal or stone as being more power-full than another.


Where does the power to differentiate come from? Truth, Trust, Love, Intuition and Willpower! These are our superpowers! These are the powers that direct us towards that perfect, healing, grounding, loving crystal. Or whatever tools help you brings out your super-hero within.


Is there a word to summarize the metaphysical power that we seek? What are we actually searching for? Is it strength, trust in the universe, validation, or messages from a divine source? LOVE? Is it all about love? I believe so.

Perhaps love is the reconnection of light between two beings. Perhaps self-love is the ability to dwell in internal light in every moment, and in every single relationship or situation.

Is this what the superhero stories tell us? To protect and serve what is just and right? To protect and serve love and light? I think so!

I mean just look at the phenomenal occurrence of an anonymous human being giving 2.5 million dollars to help those incarcerated at the Standing Rock protest.

This is true power! This is the power of love!

"May the force be with you". What would Archangel Michael do?


What are your feelings or thoughts on power? When have your own “superpowers” led you to discover extraordinary gifts or wisdom?



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