Dark stones to the rescue

November 5, 2016

What does it mean to be grounded? How does it feel to be un-grounded?

I can't help noticing this very strange almost confusing use of similar words for such different meanings. Does it remind you of childhood? When you got in trouble?

In prior blog posts, I wrote about the importance of connecting to Mother earth, our body and heart in order to develop stable, strong consciousness.


When we are grounded we feel SECURE, we breathe easily and we are focused! We are CONNECTED to our heart, self and own powers. We know who we are and can deal with anything coming our way.

Being un-grounded occurs when our head is in a cloud of dreams or worries....  our energy is up in the sky or the ethers. Sometimes it can be pleasant every now and then, it can even feel safer to be out there than watch the news. BUT there is a disconnect with our physical experience and our heart.

Sometimes when un-grounded, we may feel depressed, fatigued, bogged down and have physical symptoms such as headaches or muscle pain. We may experience confusion, insomnia and the inability to be disciplined. Abundance and success are often harder to achieve for ungrounded people; As crystals lovers and spiritual being we may all be spending a good amount of time  in daydreams, fantasies or illusions. Which can cause imbalances and impracticalities. 

It is very difficult to live healthy, progressive, successful lives when our feet are not firmly planted on the Earth. I tried. I found that being connected is a much richer experience.


So, what can we do to bring ourselves into balance? Use the stones to realign our energy and heart with the earth of course!

Grounding with the stones allows us to connect back to your body, feel stronger in all areas of your life, and to close and protect our energy field.

Multiple stones can assist in grounding - Often, dark colors, heavy in dense minerals. My favorites are:

Hematite - iron ore

Smoky quartz - QUARTZ Silicon dioxide with aluminium trace

Tiger Eye/Tiger Iron - Tiger Eye is a dense and opaque yellow brownish QUARTZ with Limonite. Tiger Iron adds lines of iron/hematite

My personal favorite of all time: Black Tourmaline - aka Schorl: sodium iron aluminum boro-silicate. 


My very favorite stone for grounding is Black Tourmaline! This powerful stone is connected to the element of water. Water is connected to rebirth and the ability to regenerate. With the help of this stone, stillness, calm, and sacred connections to the profound possibilities of the unknown occur. 

Holding and wearing grounding stones when we feel the need to come back is an effective method. 

I use Black tourmaline when immediately after my meditation to bring me back down.

I carry black tourmaline in my pants pocket almost every day, especially when I go somewhere busy; Closing my energy field.

I reach for it when I get anxious or in my head.

My Black Tourmaline skull watches over my house as a protective guardian. Others may use Dragons or weapons I use black tourmaline to feel safe.


        The ancients were deeply aware of the importance of grounding and staying connected to the earth in order to develop strength and potency. Legends and myths associated with this stone are incredible. There is obviously deep magic and mysticism present throughout the history of stones in general.

Overall, the energy that comes from grounding is that of COURAGE and linked to the WARRIOR! Through grounding SELF LOVE and WILLPOWER become sturdy, as well as inspired to pursue life purpose and goals.

       Cassandra Eason, author of “The New Crystal Bible” tells of an Egyptian legend where Black Tourmaline was said to have come from the center of the Earth, and that it flew through the sky absorbing all of the colors of a rainbow. Melody, author of “Love is in The Earth” reveals that Ancient India used this stone to show which direction would bring good, and that Black Tourmaline was also a diviner, used to uncover a troublemaker or trickster. Melody also wrote that shamans from Africa, Native America and Australia used Tourmaline for healing and protection. Fascinatingly, author Katrina Raphaell who wrote “Crystal Enlightenment” believes that Black Tourmaline does not originally come from the earth, but appeared as a gift from higher beings to help humans transition into a more lucid state of consciousness! 


Where do you spend most of your time? In your head or in your heart?


What have you noticed in your own experiences with being grounded versus times when you felt un-grounded? Which one feels better? When do you feel abundant?


With Love & Gratitude,



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