Ancient knowledge about crystals

October 12, 2016



Throughout my studies I’ve come to understand the notion that all living things on Earth possess a level of consciousness. From rocks to the trees, to the mountains and clouds, there is a life force present in all things. In many Asian cultures this life force is referred to as “chi” or “qi”. Throughout history ancient civilizations were privy to this source of energy inherent in all living things. As a result, the use of crystals and stones has been abundant throughout history.   


Precious stones have long been used in medicine, magic and sacred rituals. These rocks have been used for protection, as offerings and currency, for scrying, gazing and divination, luck and wealth, as well as precious gifts and items of beauty. Having been used as vital ingredients in healing elixirs for thousands of years, precious stones were essentially the first “first-aid” tools.


Crystals and stones have been used since the beginning of recorded history and most likely long before that. The first historical reference to the use of precious stones came from the Sumerians (3000 B.C.) who used them in formulas to invoke magic. The Ancient Egyptians created beautiful jewelry worn by royalty adorned with emerald, turquoise or ruby. Additionally, the Egyptians buried their dead with quartz placed over the forehead in order to guide their loved ones to the afterlife.


The Maya used obsidian as a reflection for scrying and foretelling the future, and the Ancient Chinese used precious stones in acupuncture. The Ancient Greeks rubbed crushed hematite on soldiers to protect them during battle, and ancient Vedic texts praised various gems for their ability to heal. The Ancient Japanese thought the crystal quartz was likened to a dragon heart filled with wisdom, and the Vikings of old used crystals for navigation.


The bible makes mention of crystals over 200 times, one of the most notable references is found in Exodus 28. It is written that the High Priest, Aaron (brother of Moses), was instructed by God to make a breastplate from particular crystals worn for protection and to induce wisdom. The twelve gems placed on Aaron’s breastplate were later linked to the Zodiac and eventually became associated with the months of the year. Upon the breastplate were set four rows of precious stones, three in each row, and upon them were engraved the names of The Twelve Tribes of Israel.


According to Native American beliefs, crystals and stones communicate while existing in multiple dimensions. They offer us information we cannot reach on our own, and they promote harmonic symmetry in the world. Native American belief says that a human cannot teach another human how to heal with crystals, because the crystal itself is the teacher. However, after many years of communicating with the spirits within the crystals, using them to heal in various situations will come naturally.


What are your thoughts on the consciousness of nature, and the prevalence of crystals and stones throughout history? Feel free to ask any question!


With Love & Gratitude


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