Science, Crystals & Stones

October 10, 2016


The science behind the stones has always intrigued me.

I mean how fascinating is it that the American Indians believed crystals were connected to other dimensions, and that higher energies could communicate through the stones from these unknown spaces? This is pretty powerful stuff, but in order to really grasp the possibility of these types of things, a little refresher on physics is necessary!


Inter-dimensional reality is a theory proposed by Quantum Mechanics and is referred to as Superstring Theory. This theory has already located 10 or 11 dimensions outside of the one in which we live, which is incredible and mind-blowing. Quantum Theory is the field of physics concerned with the tiniest structures that make up reality.


Beyond what we can see with our eyes, everything in existence is composed of components. Moving through elements, cells and molecules, we eventually come to the atom. An atom is made up of protons, neutrons and electrons, and even these fundamental composites of matter are made up of even smaller particles called quarks and leptons. Some scientists speculate that the tiniest particles of matter are not actually matter at all, but are made up of energy. If this is true then everything in existence is essentially energy! This is quite astounding, because it could mean that the older “hard” sciences could become obsolete.


Crystals and stones are atomically perfect, that is to say, the atomic structure functions in a repeated, orderly pattern (like a fractal) versus other objects in reality that are arranged randomly. The energy of these perfectly arranged stones is pure and powerful. Most crystals are extremely old, formed millions of years ago beneath the Earth’s surface. What is extraordinary about crystals and stones is that when any form of energy (such as light or heat) is applied to them, they generate a charge or voltage. This is called the piezoelectric effect. This is the vibration that healers utilize for healing, and this means that each stone vibrates with a different frequency that can be harnessed.


Another mind blowing idea: According to the ancient Hindu belief systems, planetary vibration is negative and the radiation of precious stones is positive. When these positive and negative vibrations are combined they become neutralized. The stones absorb and reflect (like a filter) the planetary rays or vibrations. Just as an umbrella or sunscreen protects one from the sun, gems protect one from the influence of the planets.


If everything is made of energy, we are most likely impacted by entities much larger than we are. Just as the moon controls the tide, the subtle influences of the planets affect us as well. Stones and crystals can be used to deflect negative energies and to maintain equilibrium, but this requires dedication and a willingness to do the work. Working with the stones is a joint effort. You must be connected to your heart in order for crystals to strengthen your own energy field.  


Ancient Ayurvedic researchers studied healing properties of gems and found that different stones created different effects in the human body. The color or vibration of each gem connects to the spiritual energy centers the Hindu’s referred to as “chakras”. Physical illness, mental or emotional pain and spiritual confusion can be brought into alignment through the power of crystal healing. Again, in order for this healing to occur personal work and the practice of self-love is paramount to this process.  


What are your thoughts on the energies that make up existence, and the healing power of nature, crystals and stones? Have you experienced anything amazing with the stones?


With gratitude and love,




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