My Journey back

October 10, 2016


Hello, and welcome to my blog! I am very excited to be sharing what I know about the incredible power of stones and crystals with you.

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been drawn to rocks of all kind. Before I even knew what the word “gemologist” meant I knew I wanted to grow up to work with the great stones of Earth. External sources occasionally knock us from our passions due to doubt or judgment from others. Somewhere along the path I turned away from this affinity, and I did not return to the crystals for many years.


While living in San Francisco in 2005 and 2006 I was reunited with the stones once again. It was a time of self-exploration and investigations into different spiritual paths and philosophies. I was ardently working toward finding connection and meaning in life, and eventually this voyage brought me to a small shop at a street fair. I was with a friend who was familiar with stones and had studied the way they affect people. I picked up a huge-sized quartz and suddenly felt a strange sensation in my body. My legs were vibrating and I could feel my blood flow, I felt strange but excited.


“What is this sensation?” I asked. “What’s going on?”


My friend said, “You’re feeling the stone! It is connecting you to your body. The body is recognizing the energy, but your mind is questioning it. It’s a wonderful thing!” He said. “Don’t shut it down, feel the energy all over your body! Enjoy it!”


The heart always knows what is right, but too often the mind lies or forgets. It was through this experience that I began to be in touch with my body. I felt invigorated and filled with renewed aliveness. I couldn’t get enough of the stones and immersed myself in books, workshops and filled my home with breathtaking crystals of all shapes and colors.


I fell in love with the mineral kingdom, and it changed my life.     


For years I’d been working in a job that was financially comfortable, but was not making me happy. I was transforming internally due to meditation and working with the stones, and it soon became apparent that they were going to be a central part of my life. I received certainty that I needed to share the healing power of crystals with others, and that I needed to dedicate my life to help others. I began searching for a place to start my new venture shop.


I was raised in a family that did not subscribe to the idea of spirituality. I soon realized how much having a community of like-minded people interested in concepts such as energy, choice and consciousness is key. Having discovered my own powerful tool for healing, I soon found others who were passionate about seeking out the spiritual. A very real part of my desire to open my own healing center was to create a safe haven for fellow seekers, a place where others could come and discuss whatever their heart wished, without being judged or feeling odd. I left San Francisco and found this safe haven back in New York.


The well-being center and crystal gallery I created was in an old, small church. It was incredibly stunning, and was lined with gold and silver on the inside just like a treasure box. For nearly nine years I shared my knowledge about stones and crystals with others. A community was formed, with drum circles and powerful teachers, what a  gift!


I learned a lot about life and the lives of others. I am very grateful for the wisdom I gained during this time.

I absolutely love helping people find the right stone to work with for their growth, happiness and healing. It brings me a deep sense of fulfillment in being able to practice what I love most. I look forward to connecting and sharing with each of you.  


With Love and Gratitude,




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