There is a lot going on this week with Christmas and the holidays right around the corner! Last minute shopping, parties, and dropping off gifts may have you feeling a bit stretched.

On top of the holiday buzz Mercury recently went retrograde, on December 19th. This can cause communication issues and making decisions difficult. Remember to stay calm if you are feeling confused or discombobulated. Breathe deeply, if you can hold onto a grounding stone l to help find center.

> Amethyst can help with peace of mind and appreciating what you have vs buying more and more gifts or feeling bad you can't afford everything on your list.

> Rose quartz can help you vibe with love, generosity and a positive viewpoint. Kindness. Helpful with family members sometimes.

Hold on to your rose quartz when cousin Lisa does that thing that drives you nuts & breathe.

> Emerald will bring you into the heart, and allow any blocks or confusion to be cleared through its powerful healing energy. Opening to love.


The science behind the stones has always intrigued me.

I mean how fascinating is it that the American Indians believed crystals were connected to other dimensions, and that higher energies could communicate through the stones from these unknown spaces? This is pretty powerful stuff, but in order to really grasp the possibility of these types of things, a little refresher on physics is necessary!

Inter-dimensional reality is a theory proposed by Quantum Mechanics and is referred to as Superstring Theory. This theory has already located 10 or 11 dimensions outside of the one in which we live, which is incredible and mind-blowing. Quantum Theory is the field of physics concerned with the tiniest structures that make up reality.

Beyond what we can see with our eyes, everything in existence is composed of components. Moving through elements, cells and molecules, we eventually come to the atom. An atom is made up of protons, neutrons and electrons, and even these fundamental composites of matte...

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Important note: Luxury Quartz is not a wholesaler nor a crystal store. We do not have an inventory to sell you. We independently partner with select miners and importers to find you the exact stones. We work for you.