As we now we direct our thoughts towards the New Year, slowly the days are growing longer and brighter as we move into 2017. We may find ourselves looking back over the past year, reflecting on the good and the not so good experiences we’ve had. We are sitting in the in-between, acknowledging the past and readying ourselves for the future.

What do we want to do differently next year? What has worked for us in 2016 that we want to keep for the future? What do we need to let go of?

As you set goals and intentions for the New Year allow the crystals to bring guidance and strength. Here are a few that can help as you prepare for new beginnings:

  • Clear Quartz can bring clarity and clearness through the higher mind or third eye. It can amplify thoughts and assist in cutting through illusions to truth.

  • Red Tourmaline, also called Rubellite, helps in rekindling passion for life, healing the heart and emotions, and soothing fears about resolutions. It is especially helpful in building the...

There is a lot going on this week with Christmas and the holidays right around the corner! Last minute shopping, parties, and dropping off gifts may have you feeling a bit stretched.

On top of the holiday buzz Mercury recently went retrograde, on December 19th. This can cause communication issues and making decisions difficult. Remember to stay calm if you are feeling confused or discombobulated. Breathe deeply, if you can hold onto a grounding stone l to help find center.

> Amethyst can help with peace of mind and appreciating what you have vs buying more and more gifts or feeling bad you can't afford everything on your list.

> Rose quartz can help you vibe with love, generosity and a positive viewpoint. Kindness. Helpful with family members sometimes.

Hold on to your rose quartz when cousin Lisa does that thing that drives you nuts & breathe.

> Emerald will bring you into the heart, and allow any blocks or confusion to be cleared through its powerful healing energy. Opening to love.


Depending on where you are in the world, tis the season for snow, gingerbread, sparkling lights and joy! This time of the year is magical and brings us together, but sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. We’re rushing about, standing in long lines, shopping and thinking about what to give to others. There are holiday parties, children concerts and a lot of drinks and sweets! You may be feeling that you’re running yourself

ragged and that you haven’t taken any time to rest or relax.

Don’t worry, just breathe, the stones can help.

Hematite, Smoky quartz, Tiger Eye or Tiger Iron, and Black Tourmaline can be great to bring you back down to earth. These dark stones can assist you in clearing away frazzled or stressed energy. Just as the dark of night stimulates melatonin, which helps us go to sleep, the dark crystals can bring all the flashing lights and chaotic exuberance of the holidays to a quiet stop. For insomnia or if you feel excited while lying in bed at night > Sleep with one of the...

POWER! Just thinking of it or saying it out loud makes me tingle! As children, power was fun and fascinating. The power of magic, the power to fly, be invisible, invincible and able power to defy physics. We adored our superheroes, imagined ourselves like them so super power-full.

As adults the concept of power has shifted a bit, hasn’t it?

Power is not fun anymore. It seems to be a thing attributed to job titles, wealth, the rich and powerful, lawyers, politicians or world leaders.

Wanting to be powerful is often judged negatively and associated with corruption and greed. But there 2 sides to everything.

We’ve also been taught to be afraid of being powerful. An old saying goes something like this: is it scarier to fail, or to succeed? For many, success seems to be more frightening. Perhaps as told to Peter Parker, aka Spiderman, “with great power comes great responsibility”. Maybe this is why it is overwhelming to many. The majority of people doesn't always o...

What does it mean to be grounded? How does it feel to be un-grounded?

I can't help noticing this very strange almost confusing use of similar words for such different meanings. Does it remind you of childhood? When you got in trouble?

In prior blog posts, I wrote about the importance of connecting to Mother earth, our body and heart in order to develop stable, strong consciousness.

When we are grounded we feel SECURE, we breathe easily and we are focused! We are CONNECTED to our heart, self and own powers. We know who we are and can deal with anything coming our way.

Being un-grounded occurs when our head is in a cloud of dreams or worries....  our energy is up in the sky or the ethers. Sometimes it can be pleasant every now and then, it can even feel safer to be out there than watch the news. BUT there is a disconnect with our physical experience and our heart.

Sometimes when un-grounded, we may feel depressed, fatigued,...

Throughout my studies I’ve come to understand the notion that all living things on Earth possess a level of consciousness. From rocks to the trees, to the mount

The science behind the stones has always intrigued me.

I mean how fascinating is it that the American Indians believed crystals were connected to other dimensions, and that higher energies could communicate through the stones from these unknown spaces? This is pretty powerful stuff, but in order to really grasp the possibility of these types of things, a little refresher on physics is necessary!

Inter-dimensional reality is a theory proposed by Quantum Mechanics and is referred to as Superstring Theory. This theory has already located 10 or 11 dimensions outside of the one in which we live, which is incredible and mind-blowing. Quantum Theory is the field of physics concerned with the tiniest structures that make up reality.

Beyond what we can see with our eyes, everything in existence is composed of components. Moving through elements, cells and molecules, we eventually come to the atom. An atom is made up of protons, neutrons and electrons, and even these fundamental composites of matte...

Hello, and welcome to my blog! I am very excited to be sharing what I know about the incredible power of stones and crystals with you.

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been drawn to rocks of all kind. Before I even knew what the word “gemologist” meant I knew I wanted to grow up to work with the great stones of Earth. External sources occasionally knock us from our passions due to doubt or judgment from others. Somewhere along the path I turned away from this affinity, and I did not return to the crystals for many years.

While living in San Francisco in 2005 and 2006 I was reunited with the stones once again. It was a time of self-exploration and investigations into different spiritual paths and philosophies. I was ardently working toward finding connection and meaning in life, and eventually this voyage brought me to a small shop at a street fair. I was with a friend who was familiar with stones and had studied the way they affect people. I picked up a huge-sized quartz and suddenly...

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