ART FROM THE EARTHBeauty, Energy and Mother Earth in your environment.

Quartz and Crystals formed by minerals, are the foundational elements of life itself and our civilization. They have been helping us for years, being at the core of our Quartz watches, radio and computers. We use them everyday and are part of everything surrounding us. They are Earth's gift to us!

- Uniquely and naturally growing deep inside the Earth

- Experienced millions of years growth

> Some are truly breathtakingly beautiful, this is why we call them pieces of Art from the Earth

QUARTZ is the second most abundant mineral in the Earth's crust. It is organized crystalline atomic structure is: Silica + Oxygen giving it an overall chemical formula of SiO2. There are different varieties of quartz, most of which are semi-precious gemstones that you have heard of: AMETHYST, CITRINE, CLEAR QUARTZ, ROSE QUARTZ, SMOKY QUARTZ, RUTILATED QUARTZ, AGATE, JASPER, CHALCEDONY, CARNELIAN, AVENTURINE, ONYX etc. ​Blog post: Science 

Since antiquity, quartz has been the most used mineral in the making of jewelry and hard stone carvings. Blog post: History

Since then, Quartz has been st the origin of our watches, radio, TV and even computer. Why? Because Quartz holds vibrations / frequencies perfectly consistently.

We are not excluding other stones and specimens from our search to the exact stones for you but Quartz forms most often the largest stones.

A Quartz is a crystal, with a pure and consistent atomic structure holding vibrations of the earth since the beginning of time.

- They are much older than humanity. They took many millions of year to grow inside of the Earth. They are a pure formation of energy and minerals, like we are as human beings.

- They are true to themselves, not trying to be anything else. They grow in the specific environment, making the most of it and if able and lucky become the most beautiful piece of the Earth you can ever find.

- They know more than us. Quartz hold more light than anything else, which creates properties sometimes difficult to comprehend for scientific mind.​ We love them, admire them, worship them even.

> It is my belief that they are here to help us serve on our greatest path. Remembering to love ourselves the way we love them, to remember who we truly are. They are perfect, the way we are. 


The stones do not need to be huge to be powerful, important in your life. However quality and vibrancy of the stones are key to get you results.

Similarly to diamonds, formed very deeply inside the Earth, the clearer more vibrant, the rarest they are. 

The time and efforts you dedicate to find the best stones, not settling for one you find at a local crystal store or online, is always rewarded. The law of attraction is strongly at work here. This is true emotionally, energetically and financially.

It is our recommendation and belief that you want to bring in your life a stone that will truly takes your breath away, through a personal connection, an emotion. Everyone is attracted to different stones for different reasons. This where it gets fascinating to me, but confusing to you.

I have seen it again and again when managing a vast crystal store & gallery. People who quickly buy $2, $20 or even $200 of small pieces do not get the same results as people deeply involved in the search process for their personal Important Life Stone.

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Important note: Luxury Quartz is not a wholesaler nor a crystal store. We do not have an inventory to sell you. We independently partner with select miners and importers to find you the exact stones. We work for you.